What does Coffee do to our Body?

Do you know that we have over 30 different variants of coffee? Coffee, for any random reason, has always been part of the table menu as a kick-starter for many of us may it be espresso, latte, macchiato, or cappuccino. Maybe, that’s one reason why coffee shops don’t have trouble marketing their products. But, what do we really get from coffee? How many cups of coffee are we allowed to drink on a daily basis? Is it healthy or not? According to healthline, coffee can actually give health benefits that you are not even aware of but vary depends on your … Continue reading What does Coffee do to our Body?

Freelancing: Best option for stay-at-home Parent?

Hi there! I’m Rose, a single mom. A friend of mine who has been a freelancer VA for a number of years convinced me to give it a shot. She is actually earning better than those I know who work in corporate aside from the fact that she is working inside her most comfort zone, HOME. Currently, I’m enrolled in a boot camp where basic software skills are being taught. I am really learning quick as they provide modules with video and audio.   As above-mentioned, I am a single mom and it will be my pleasure to work from … Continue reading Freelancing: Best option for stay-at-home Parent?